YPF Luz plans to add 400 MW of wind power in 2020 in Argentina

Argentina's electricity generation company YPF Luz is planning to expand its wind energy production. As per reports, the company will add around 400 MW of wind energy in 2020 in order to serve large private users via long terms contracts.
The renewable energy generation company is also assessing a strategy to add solar power projects to its power generation portfolios.
Reportedly, the total 400 MW of power which it intends to produce in 2020 will be from the following wind farm projects with different energy generation goals:
  1. Manantiales Behr wind farms, Chubut - 99 Mw
  2. Los Teros wind farm, Buenos Aires - 174 Mw
  3. Canadon Leon, Santa Cruz. - 122 Mw
Post the implementation of the Manantiales Behr wind turbines project, the company will focus on an under construction park located in Buenos Aires in the town of Azul. Although the commissioning of the park is scheduled for February, the company has already signed the first contracts for providing energy. Likewise, YPF Luz has signed an energy agreement for 10 years with Holcim company, one of the major local producers of cement, stone aggregates, processed concrete. As per the contract YPF Luz will supply electricity generated from its wind farms to five Holcim cement plants in Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Jujuy, and Mendoza. The supply will commence from the beginning of 2020, and will hit 35% of coverage of the overall energy required by the cement plant at the end of H1 2020. As the agreement will promote the use of renewable energy, it will help to achieve environmental wellbeing by reducing 40% of CO2 generation by the end of 2030. Apparently, Holcim will be able to produce 1.2 million tons of cement per year by utilizing renewable energy allowing the company to reduce 63,000 tons of CO2 emissions. Source Credits: https://www.evwind.es/2019/07/28/ypf-luz-will-add-400-mw-of-wind-power-in-2020-in-argentina/68214