YouTube may rollout new cross-device download feature for users

In a bid to make the offline viewing experience better, YouTube is planning to bring a new feature that will enable users to download videos on multiple devices.

The new feature is not live as of now, however, the option appeared under the background and download settings for a few ‘YouTube Premium’ users. The feature was available on both beta and stable versions for these select groups of users.

According to sources familiar with the matter, when users selected the option, they were navigated to a pop-up saying which device they want the app to be synced. The pop-up also includes a notification that reads, ‘Allow downloading to this device’. As of now, it is still unclear when or if the feature will be available for users across the world. However, it will be useful for users who often change devices or use more than two devices together.

Although 2020 has been a static year for most of the companies, YouTube has launched some major updates. Some of these features have substantially enhanced the video viewing experience while introducing entirely new use cases for the app.

Just recently, YouTube added 8K video playing support on YouTube TV. The company is also testing new features that make it easier for users to add a timestamp in the comments section. Another new feature in the pipeline is the ability to start adding automatic video chapters.

The feature allows creators to set up diverse chapters with the caption. The company is said to help users skip to the part they want to watch. The company’s upcoming feature is expected to be useful for long-format videos. These upcoming features are yet to go live and are presently being tested with a limited group of users.

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