Western Digital's Purple 12TB drive to disrupt video surveillance

Western Digital has apparently expanded its product portfolio in the surveillance industry with the launch of its latest AI powered video surveillance, Western Digital Purple 12TB drive. This AllFrame AI technology based device is claimed to be one of the most futuristic ones of its kind in the marketplace, featuring highest capacity and deep learning capability.
For the uninitiated, the surveillance industry over the past few years has undergone a consequential transformation, with increased demand for high-resolution cameras and extensive profiling of applications that necessitate the requirement of real-time edge analytics. The latest product line by Western Digital seems to be along a similar line.
Experts believe that the company's new exclusive surveillance portfolio would bring forth a slew of opportunities in video surveillance. This highly exclusive range is capable of capturing a multitude of high-resolution videos, while simultaneously evaluating the already recorded video in a bid to support analytics and deep learning.
For the record, IDC estimates that the amount of big data exabytes that are particularly produced by surveillance solutions would grow by almost 25% per year through 2021. As per experts, the credit for this goes to the growing installation of complex, high-resolution based cameras and extensive utilization of video streams for analytics globally. Amidst this backdrop, Western Digital's Purple 12TB drive range is certainly a breakthrough innovation that has the potential to disrupt the conventional business dynamics.
While traditional video surveillance systems can only detect moving objects without any detailed analysis, new AI based systems provide additional functions like real-time edge analytics for better object detection and false trigger reduction.
As per the official confirmation, Western Digital's Purple surveillance-class drives would be available through all the authorized reseller network of the company globally. The suggested retail price for the 10TB model in Australia is reported to be is AU$539.00, while for the 12TB it is AU$639.00.