Vystar Corp procures Fluid Energy Conversion Inc's technology assets

  • Vystar intends to use the Fluid Energy Conversion's technology to boost pathogen killing efficiency of its RxAir air purifiers while also reducing its cost & size.
  • Vystar also plans to incorporate the technology in vape pens to enhance substance delivery & properly control dosage.
Vystar Corporation (Vystar), a renowned eco-friendly product & technology developer, has reportedly announced that it has signed an agreement to procure a well-known global green energy firm, Fluid Energy Conversion, Inc. (FEC). Reports cite, the company aims to utilize FEC's technology to enhance its RxAir air purifiers by improving its pathogen killing efficiency while reducing its cost & size. Moreover, Vystar also intends to incorporate the technology in vape pens to control substance dosage and also improve its delivery. According to reliable reports, Vystar would be making a 100% acquisition of FEC's technology assets, which primarily consist of its Hughes Reactor patent, for over $100,000 in the form of restricted common stock, which accounts for approximately 2,500,000 Vystar shares. The acquisition has been approved unanimously by the Vystar board of directors; the deal was previously approved by the consent of majority shareholders. The CEO of Vystar, Steve Rotman stated that FEC currently has a number of R&D initiatives under its belt that relate to eco-friendly product development & distribution that could potentially revolutionize several industries and also enhance the capabilities of RxAir air purifiers, which is anticipated to shoot Vystar to the top of the competition. Rotman further added that the new technology assets could introduce new revenue streams to the company, further diversifying the company's eco-friendly product offerings portfolio. The CEO of Fluid Energy Conversion, Bryan Stone stated that the company has merged sound energy science, known as sono-chemistry, successfully with molecular fluid mechanics to develop effective way to kill pathogens, enhance combustion efficiency, improve vaporization of liquids and overcome problems associated with the buildup of hardwater minerals. According to reports, the exact schedule of the proposed acquisition's completion has not been unveiled yet. Source Credit: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/05/28/1853269/0/en/Vystar-Acquires-Fluid-Energy-Conversion-Technology-Assets-Expands-Reach-Into-New-Vertical-Markets.html