VMware announces acquisition of Pivotal Software for $2.7 Billion

Post the completion of the deal, Pivotal's Class A common stock were suspended from trading on the New York Stock Exchange
Leading virtualization technology company, VMware recently announced the completion of acquisition of a US-based software company, Pivotal Software in a move that adds cloud application platform and development tools of Pivotal to the company's technology portfolio.The transaction for the acquisition of Pivotal Software closed at USD$ 2.7 billion.
Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware was reportedly quoted saying in a statement that the coming together of Pivotal and VMware is primed to be a major enabler of Kubernetes with a deep understanding of both developers and operators.
Gelsinger further revealed that Ray O'Farrell, the previous Chief Technology Officer at VMware would lead the company's new Modern Applications Platform business unit, which includes the VMware and Pivotal cloud native applications teams. As announced by VMware in an earlier conference, Ray O'Farrell will serve as the business unit's GM along with retaining his Executive VP rank.
O'Farrell reportedly said in the statement that digital transformation and their driving applications shouldn't only be restricted to cloud and leading software companies. The modern application development practices and solutions should be made readily accessible to everyday enterprises across the globe. O'Farrell added saying that with the addition of developer capabilities of Pivotal software, VMware will be focusing on delivering consumable and enterprise-ready cloud native offerings to customers to aid them in achieving enhanced business outcomes.
In another news, VMware also announced that it may acquire Carbon Black, cybersecurity technology developer for $26 per share, i.e., at a deal value of USD$ 2.1 billion and the acquisition was completed in October 2019. Dell Technologies, the multinational computer technology company owns a controlling interest in both VMware, as well as in Pivotal Software.
Source Credit: https://www.crn.com/news/virtualization/vmware-completes-2-7-billion-pivotal-software-acquisition?itc=refresh