Vivo, Oppo, & Xiaomi tie up to develop new wireless transfer feature

  • The new wireless file transfer platform is expected to work smoothly with FuntouchOS by Vivo, ColorOS from Oppo and Xiaomi's MIUI, all Android-based.
  • The transfer feature will be supported by Bluetooth for power consumption, faster pairing as well as higher stability between devices.
China's top three smartphone manufacturing companies - Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi have reportedly formed a three-way alliance to develop a wireless feature for file transfers, compatible with smartphone devices of all three brands. The companies have revealed that users will be able to wirelessly transfer files and data at speeds as high as 20Mbps, hinting that the protocol could be based on Wifi sharing, like Apple's Airdrop transfer feature. With Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo smartphones constituting approximately 50% of Indian and Chinese markets, a huge number of users will be able to benefit from this wireless file transfer protocol. The collaboration may also see other Android-based OEMs joining as well, in order to create an ecosystem for seamless file and data sharing, similar to what Apple devices have created for their users. This is not the first attempt to create a platform like Airdrop for Android. Google had developed a platform called Android Beam for version 4.0 of Android in 2011, which made use of NFC for pairing devices. This feature is set to be removed in the upcoming Android Q. Google's current file sharing feature, Files by Google, formerly known as Files Go, offers users the option to transfer data through Bluetooth pairing and the latest ''Fast Sharing", an advanced version of Android Beam which Android Q is set to integrate as an in-built feature. The new cross brand file sharing feature will allow millions of users to benefit from faster file transfer speeds and supports numerous media formats including video, audio, photographs, documents, PDFs and more. Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi will release a public beta version of this new feature by the end of August. Source Credit: