Vcinity, NRL jointly demonstrate fastest memory to memory data transfer

Leading global data solutions provider- Vcinity Inc. and U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have reportedly announced accomplishing near line rate performance for memory to memory transfer of data and remote data access across a 100G link between Washington DC and Denver.
Citing reports, at SC19, Vcinity announced its new product, RAD X-1100. NRL carried out a live demonstration of memory to memory data transfers and remote data access with RAD X-1100 at the speed of 95 Gbps across the 100G circuit of CenturyLink along with 37ms latency between Washington DC and Denver.
RAD X-1100 offers extended EDR InfiniBand fabric, or RDMA beyond data center boundaries and across WAN with local performance.
NRL is also likely to demonstrate client access to data accompanied with a double loop of the network adding Chicago to illustrate the extension of RDMA and the application execution at 74ms, which is two times the latency.
According to Harry Carr, CEO and President, Vcinity Inc., the company has become a part of the first ever memory to memory transfer and remote data access at 100G. Vcinity wants to expand its solutions for a broader government and commercial reach, he further stated.
Acting Director of Center for Computational Science of NRL's Information Technology department, Basil Decina, was quoted stating that about two decades ago, NRL had offered original requirements coupled with prototypes for the technology. The institution is focusing on facilitating capabilities that will bring about a change in the way data is processed and moved across large distances.
Apparently, Radical X or RAD X developed by Vcinity renders support to RDMA and IB over converged ethernet fabric extension and allows uninterrupted data fabric transparent to any application.
Moreover, RAD X-1100 facilitates unique scalability of the company's fabric extension capabilities with the help of three pluggable interface components each of 120 Gbps that support several interface configurations, which includes EDR InfiniBand and 100G RoCE in a small form factor of 1RU.
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