Value Point and Cisco collaborate to establish a new CSEC in Bengaluru

With the growing volume, complexity, frequency, severity, and effects of cyber-attacks across global networks, endpoints and applications, the global cybersecurity industry is developing at an exponential rate. Global firms are gearing up to implement best practices to approach advanced cyber vulnerabilities and threats.
Value Point Systems, a renowned Bengaluru-based technology firm, reportedly announced the opening of a new CSEC (Cyber Security Experience Centre) powered by Cisco Systems, the California based multinational technology conglomerate, in Bengaluru.
Commenting on the inauguration of the CSEC, R S Shanbhag, CEO AND Chairman of Value Point Systems stated that as the company is moving forward at a much faster pace in supporting and partnering customers to quickly follow their digital roadmaps and implement latest technologies, the company plays a vital role in supporting them to build cyber security capabilities.
Shanbhag further added that in order to ensure that the company's consumers efficiently address today's challenges and future digitization requirement, Value Point is leveraging Cisco's expertise in security solutions and further have presented them at the new Cyber Security Experience Center.
The new Bengaluru center would showcase Cisco solutions as well as allied managed services which would allow Value Point customers to further build and manage cyber security platforms specifically created according to their business requirements.
The center would also showcase simulated real-time scenarios particular to several verticals or customers and further allow customers to get both hands-on and advanced understanding of the whole gamut of security solutions of Cisco.
CSEC Bengaluru exhibits use cases on network security and visibility, ideal security on the digital network, as well as secured enhanced protection across enterprise entities, retail/e-commerce and banking verticals.
Sameer Garde, Cisco India and SAARC President stated that with security threats becoming more persistent and complex, they pose a very serious, ongoing challenge. Cyber Security Experience Centre of Value Point highlights how consumers can prepare themselves to face these new cyber threats.
Chief Executive of Sales at Value Point Systems, Ashok Prabhu stated that CSEC is a unique facility since it is designed on the basis of industry vertical case studies, allowing users to present their client's specific requirements and simulate real-time solutions across use cases and verticals.
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