University of Sydney to boost semiconductor capability of NSW

The University of Sydney is now part of a consortium dubbed S3B (Semiconductor Sector Service Bureau) that will drive the semiconductor capability of New South Wales. This initiative has been launched to support local industries, including defense, health, and telecommunications.

Apart from the University of Sydney, S3B consolidates leading experts from Macquarie University, the Australian National Fabrication Facility, CSIRO, and UNSW Sydney.

S3B’s inaugural Director, Dr. Nadia Court, has commented that the group will form the semiconductor industry network in New South Wales and Australia.

Dr. Court also asserted that S3B will build collaboration and connectivity and bolster the commercial impact. The consortium will also play a major role in supporting the sector, connecting researchers and companies with manufacturing and design capabilities worldwide.

For the record, S3B will use the University of Sydney's facilities and expertise in nanofabrication to upscale the capabilities of New South Wales.

Dr. Omid Kavehei from the School of Biomedical Engineering and the Sydney Nanoscience Institute has cited that expertise in the design, fabrication, and packaging of microelectronics within the Core Research Facilities has immense potential to help achieve the objective of the S3B initiative to develop sovereign capabilities.

In the recently issued NSW 20-year R&D Roadmap, the semiconductor industry has been recognized as a local strength and presents a huge opportunity for economic growth.

According to Alister Henskens, NSW Minister for Science, Innovation, and Technology, the S3B provides major avenues to secure a thriving future by fast-tracking its involvement in the global semiconductor market.

Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte, NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, who is affiliated with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sydney, has revealed that the state has a huge competitive advantage in the semiconductor industry.

Professor Whyte further pointed out that all institutions forming S3B have an extensive track record of innovation in the sector, closely collaborating with leading semiconductor technology companies in Australia and key global firms.

The NSW Government is financing the S3B, and it will be situated in the Tech Central Precinct at Cicada Innovations.

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