TSMC partners with the University of Tokyo in semiconductor technology

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has recently announced its collaboration with the University of Tokyo to trail organization-wide alliance in cutting-edge semiconductor technology. The venture would see TSMC offer its multi-project wafer prototyping service, CyberShuttle®, to the d.lab or Systems Design Lab of the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo.
According to reliable sources, d.lab would adopt the semiconductor company's Virtual Design Environment (VDE), Open Innovation Platform® for designing their chips. TSMC R&D personnel and researchers from the University of Tokyo are also constructing a platform that would allow them to research on semiconductor technologies further future computing.
For the record, the newly launched d.lab is a research setup where academia and industry collaborate on the development of specialized, application-specific chips to strengthen the future of knowledge-intensive society.
The partnership would act as a pathway to turn d.lab's varied developments into functioning chips. For the researchers at d.lab, VDE would offer a flexible and secure cloud-based design environment reinforced by the TSMC's inclusive design infrastructure. Meanwhile, the CyberShuttle® service massively drops the barriers to gain prototype chips produced using the semiconductor industry's cutting-edge process technologies.
Speaking on the move, Makoto Gonokami, President, University of Tokyo, said that the Japanese semiconductor industry is striding towards a knowledge-intensive society, and this collaboration would connect them with the worlds most advanced companies.
Gonokami added that the university is delighted to partner with TSMC as it would help bring together academia and industry from across nations worldwide.
As per Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman, TSMC, there are several ways to enhance the semiconductor technology and the company chooses to actively partner with various elite academic institutions. He said that their company is pleased to collaborate with the University of Tokyo and believes that it needs to facilitate innovators as they use their ideas to bring in new products.
Source Credit: https://www.tsmc.com/tsmcdotcom/PRListingNewsAction.do?action=detail&language=E&newsid=THHITHPGTH