Toyko University revolutionizes cell sorting using Spectrum digitizer

  • The newly created cell sorter is the world's first image-based, high-throughput cell-sorting technology.
  • Cell sorting plays a crucial role in pathology, molecular biology virology & immunology research.
The University of Toyko has reportedly announced that it has successfully created a smart Image-Activated Cell Sorter (IACS) which incorporates an ultra-fast digitizer developed by German electronics parts supplier, Spectrum Instrumentation, at its heart. Reports cite, the innovative and unique image-based, high-throughput cell-sorting technology is the first of its kind and is capable of processing cells with an unprecedented amount of accuracy and throughput, overcoming the limitations of conventional cell sorting methods. According to a press release by Spectrum Instrumentation, the newly developed technology is extremely versatile and is expected to allow for machine-based scientific discoveries across the pharmaceutical, biological and medical sciences sector. The technology could find extensive use in cancer research where it could help sort for the minute differences that exist between non-cancerous & cancerous cells. The IACS reportedly utilizes real-time, artificial intelligence technology to facilitate a new & radical data management infrastructure, which allows the cells to be sorted in an accurate manner at an unprecedented rate of speed. The technology merges high-throughput cell focusing, cell imaging & cell sorting with an innovative & unique hardware-software data management infrastructure and uses a plethora of different technologies such as optics, electronics, micro fluids, data processing & mechanics. The CTO of Spectrum Instrumentation, Oliver Rovini stated that the system is an example of where the company's ultra-fast digitizers could play a crucial role in allowing image recognition systems to obtain & process images to fulfil the demands of exceedingly quicker & more accurate systems. Rovini further stated system designers are aiming to develop solutions capable of processing images in real-time & the company's digitizers could make that possible through process control & factory automation. According to reports, the financial details related to the development of the IACS system have not been unveiled yet.