Toshiba reveals novel technology for removable NVMe memory devices

  • The company has come up with XFMEXPRESS technology which has been claimed to redefine storage for Ultra-Mobile and embedded applications.
  • The technology will reportedly offer great game-changing service, mobile-friendly trace, great performance, flexible design and much more.
Toshiba Memory Corporation, Tokyo has made it to the headlines for its announcement of having unveiled an advanced technology, XFMEXPRESS for removable PCIe attached NVMe memory devices. With a new form factor and connectors, the technology has been claimed to deliver a supreme combination of the features which can revolutionize the ultra-mobile personal computers, IoT devices and other embedded applications. As per authentic sources, the company has made an extensive use of its background to create the XFMEXPRESS technology. The new advanced technology is expected to offer the key features which can be leveraged by the customers up to their satisfaction. Reportedly, XFMEXPRESS technology empowers a new group of small memory devices and Solid-State Drivers that can easily be serviced or upgraded. XFMEXPRESS, along with paired robust and small sized package is expected to help reduce technical barriers and design limitations. The technology further provides mobile-friendly trace without compromising on the performance or service. It has been claimed that the advanced technology incorporates a PCle 3.0, NVMe 1.3 interface and a supporting bandwidth up to 4GB/s for delivering a leading-edge performance. According to the sources with the knowledge on the matter, XFMEXPRESS technology delivers the required flexibility and scalability to maintain the test of time. It has been designed to arrange current and 3D flash memory sizes. Along with its design, the exclusive design of XFMEXPRESS proposes improved functionality and strength along with purpose-built connectors which enhances the usage and thermal proficiency. For the records, Japan headquartered Toshiba Memory Corporation is a multinational computer memory manufacturer and developer which is leading worldwide supplier of flash memory and SSDs. The company specializes in cutting-edge memory solutions and services which can supplement people's lives and extend the society's verticals. Source credit: