TomTom joins MIH Consortium as global navigation supplier & mapmaker

TomTom, a specialist in geolocation technology, has reportedly announced its partnership with the MIH Consortium as the first global navigation supplier and mapmaker.

MIH Consortium is introducing strategic collaborators like TomTom across the automotive sector to develop next-gen electric vehicles, mobility services, and autonomous driving applications. It considers TomTom’s expertise in navigation and digital cockpit UX (user-experience) for EV drivers as a crucial inclusion in the Open EV Alliance.

The powerful routing engine of TomTom uses advanced traffic and map data along with vehicles and their surrounding information to offer dependable EV routes that take drivers faster to their destinations free from charging and range anxiety.

According to Jack Cheng, the Chief Executive Officer of MIH Consortium, the expertise and collaborative ethos of TomTom in maintaining and creating globally scaled maps maximized for automated driving, user-friendly EV navigation, and smart mobility solutions makes them an ideal partner to the Open EV Alliance and MH Consortium.

Being an MIH Consortium member, TomTom will regularly collaborate with global technology and automotive leaders, helping to navigate the strategic direction of the consortium, expedite innovation, and impact the major mobility industry trends.

According to Antoine Saucier, TomTom Automotive’s Managing Director, a close collaboration with MIH Consortium members, including software houses of the carmaker, can play a critical role in the development of breakthrough smart, user-friendly EVs that continuously evolve to fulfill passengers and drivers.

It is worth noting that MIH Consortium is developing an open EV ecosystem that fosters partnership in the mobility industry the organization intends to develop reference standards and designs, realize key technologies while it closes the gap for allied members leading to a lower entry barrier, shorter development cycles, and expedited innovation.

For the record, TomTom is the leading specialist in location technology and is transforming mobility using navigation software, highly accurate maps, real-time traffic insights, and services.

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