Thirona launches AI-powered solution for COVID-19 analysis on CT scans


  • Thirona already launched AI software for COVID-19 analysis on X-ray; CAD4COVID-Xray
  • Thirona has made their CAD4COVID software available for free, globally
  • By partnering with German company Smart Reporting, the CT- solution is instantly accessible to 10,000+ radiologists

Thirona, a company specialised in artificial intelligence (AI) for medical image analysis, launched their AI software for COVID-19 triage based on CT scans on Monday. The new solution, called CAD4COVID-CT, follows their recent launch of CAD4COVID for X-ray images. Both solutions have been made available free of charge and are aimed at reducing the workload of clinicians and health workers.

“We believe imaging and AI can make a difference in the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Dr. Eva van Rikxoort, Managing Director of Thirona. “We developed two solutions to triage COVID-19 based on our existing AI software for diseases like COPD, asthma and tuberculosis.”

Developed for scale

Besides being available in the Cloud, Thirona has partnered with German company Smart Reporting to make CAD4COVID available on a larger scale. Smart Reporting provides a platform for enhanced medical documentation and launched a free template at the end of March to provide guidance for the diagnosis of COVID-19 in computed tomography of the chest. CAD4COVID-CT is being integrated into Smart Reporting’s template, making it instantly accessible to the more than 10,000 radiologists who are registered on its platform.

Rapid detection and disease progression analysis

CAD4COVID-CT was developed in close collaboration with Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands and the Institute for Digital Medicine - Fraunhofer MEVIS in Germany. The product was developed and validated in over 500 CT scans and performs on the same level as a radiologist. CAD4COVID-CT assesses the suspicion of COVID-19 as well as the severity of the infection based on the percentage of the affected lung. The software aims to enable a quicker detection of suspected COVID-19 cases and allows healthcare specialists to track disease progression and recovery in COVID-19 patients.

About Thirona

Thirona is an innovative Dutch company specialised in artificial intelligence for medical image analysis. By creating intuitive and user-friendly products, it bridges the gap between academic ideas and clinical use. Thirona supports medical professionals in their daily tasks working with thoracic CT-scans (LungQ), chest X-rays (CAD4TB) and retinal scans (RetCAD). As a spin-off from the Radboud University in 2014, Thirona grew out to become an important player in the medical field with innovative AI-solutions used in over forty countries worldwide. See