Telegram announces auto-delete and other new features for users

Telegram, an instant messaging software & application service, has reportedly announced some new features including auto-delete, unlimited group members, and others. Over the past few weeks, the application has been observing a rapid surge in the number of users and has currently become the most popular and downloaded app on the Google Play Store, moving from the 9th position to the top spot. Additionally, it is the 4th most downloaded app service on Apple App Store.

The new features recently introduced by Telegram include:

  • Auto-Delete Messages: This feature will enable users to create an auto-delete timer in all the chats to automatically erase messages either 24 hours or seven days after sending. It will be applicable only to messages that are sent after the timer is set.

In order to set the timer, the Android users must tap ‘Clear History’ and choose a duration, while iOS users must press and hold the message, tap ‘Select >, Clear Chat > Enable Auto-Delete.

  • Group links with limited duration: Through this feature, the app will let users create group links that will last for a limited duration. Additionally, any invite link created can be converted into scannable QR codes. Users will also be able to know who joined the invite link and identify new members.
  • Home screen widget: This option will allow users to add a new Telegram widget to the home screen to ensure easy access. This chat widget gives a preview of the recent chats, while the Shortcut Widget shows only the profile pictures and names.
  • Groups with unlimited members: The feature enables users to add up to 200,000 participants to a Telegram group to exchange stickers, media, and messages.
  • Improved reporting system: Through this feature, users will find it convenient to report fake people and spam on the platform, by helping them select specific messages while reporting. Moreover, there will also be reporting options that will allow them to add comments to give more context to the complaints.

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