Tech Nation launches Net Zero X programme in collaboration with PwC

Tech Nation, a leading growth platform for UK tech firms, has reportedly unveiled Net Zero X, its latest growth programme, in collaboration with PwC.

The Net Zero initiative focuses on supporting early-stage climate tech firms. On the other hand, the Net Zero X programme is specially designed for scaling top late-stage climate tech startups in the United Kingdom.

Net Zero X intends to reinforce the future of the UK’s climate tech sector by supporting the growth of high ERP (emissions reduction potential) firms, particularly from hard-to-subside sectors.

It will also counter commercial challenges faced by climate tech firms and reduce the funding gap in climate tech investments.

The new programme connects climate tech companies to corporates, investors, policymakers, partners, and other shareholders. This will help in developing a success-driven ecosystem for founders.

Under the new programme, close to 20 firms will be chosen and these companies will be assisted in tacking stage-specific and sector challenges via sessions conducted by entrepreneurs and expert scale coach over six months.

Founders and leadership teams inducted into the programme will benefit from PwC and Tech Nation’s expertise, mentorship, and investor networks.

Since its beginning, Tech Nation supported 1,010 companies to grow through its programmes. The average time for a Tech Nation-joined company to acquire investments is 182 days or six months. This exhibits the reinforcement of the programme insights, networks, and coaching to expedite the proliferation of the UK scaleups.

Currently, Tech Nation has backed 37 tech unicorns through its growth initiatives. This accounts for 30% of the total tech unicorns in the United Kingdom (122). The company has also backed 42% of the 12 tech decacorns including Deliveroo, eToro, Blockchain,, and Revolut.

Some of the UK’s best tech companies are induced into Tech Nation programmes, with 46 percent coming from outside London.

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