Tapway unveils facial recognition solution for a range of businesses

Malaysian end-to-end tracking solutions startup Tapway has reportedly announced the launch of its facial recognition product for businesses that have physical locations such as hotels, banks, and retail stores. Named as FaceTrack, the new solution helps businesses to detect faces and process the images to extract insights that would streamline operations, enhance security at the premises, and improve customer experience.
Currently offered as a package that includes online subscriptions, services, a server hardware, camera devices, and software, FaceTrack is in beta version and has been made available only in Malaysia for the time being. Reportedly, the solution is suitable for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as large corporations across any industry including healthcare, hospitality, banking, and retail.
Chief Executive Officer of Tapway, Lim Chee How was reportedly quoted stating that the company has leveraged the facial recognition technology owing to its capabilities to resolve specific issues pertaining to security at physical locations, other operations, and customer experience.
Reportedly, the major features of the FaceTrack software are Blacklist and Whitelist Detection, Demographics, and Emotion Analysis. Sources familiar with the development claim that Demographics enables users to identify the gender and age range of the individuals tracked by the system, whereas Emotion Analysis identifies the emotions of people such as angry, sad, or happy.
The release of FaceTrack strengthens the commitment of Tapway as a provider of behavioral tracking solutions in Malaysia. Chee How further added that FaceTack can be integrated easily with the software system of the firm if the customer has already installed sufficient surveillance cameras which support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). According to a report published by Digital News Asia, FaceTrack was deployed at the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur last month and is being currently tested by Tapway. More than 200 sensors have reportedly been installed around Pavilion and Pavilion Elite, providing valuable insight to the mall's management by analyzing the flow of people visiting the mall.