T-Mobile to consider merger with Comcast as per an internal document

A new report in connection with T-Mobile, the communications subsidiaries of the Deutsche Telekom AG, revealed that the brand has been preparing for a potential merger with Comcast Corp., a cable company.
The report, which has throughout been labelled "confidential", implies that the owner of T-Mobile, Deutsche Telecom had invested heavily in the U.S. wireless market and the firm has also witnessed lesser regulation along with higher average revenue per customer across Europe.
The report warns T-Mobile against pricing too aggressively for maintaining profits and the consequent merger potential. The document concludes that the firm should position itself for separate mergers - firstly, a consolidating merger with Sprint, and secondly a broader merger with a cable company like Comcast.
The report recommends T-Mobile to safeguard and further expand its image of 'sexy & innovative" as a preparation for any potential merger. It also assessed that out of all the cable companies, Comcast is the clear favorite. A move into mobile market might be the only option for Comcast to expand, as favored Comcast moves like wireline and content are improbable to get regulatory approval.
This report was presented to executives from both the Europe based Deutsche Telekom and US-based T-Mobile, and it was noted that the U.S. market offers much looser regulations, which potentially can bigger opportunities for corporate profits. It also makes note of the lenient consumer protection and data privacy policy as well as an easy-going approach of federal regulators.
T-Mobile had initially tried to exclude the documents from the court record on the grounds that the record included statements from McKinsey & Co.'s third-party consultants which couldn't be attributed to the company. However, the state attorneys general argued that the testimony of Peter Ewens, T-Mobile executive, laid the foundation for these documents, and hence could no longer be omitted from the record.
Source Credit: https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/23/21035567/t-mobile-merger-documents-sprint-comcast-merger-assessment