Stellantis replaces digital dashboards in Peugeot cars amid chip shortage

Automaker Stellantis has recently announced its intention to replace the digital speedometers in its Peugeot cars with analogue ones. This announcement comes along the heels of a worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips that is creating a massive impact on the automotive industry.

These changes will be implemented only in the Peugeot 308 models, among group brands including Citroen, Chrysler, and Jeep since its merger with Fiat-Chrysler earlier in the year to create Stellantis

A Stellantis spokesperson reportedly stated that this is an agile and attractive solution to circumvent a car production hurdle until the chip crisis is resolved.

The production of the Peugeot 308 models was considerably disrupted at the company’s Sochaux factory owing to the shortages. These disruptions reflected the temporary production cutbacks and halts across the globe, from Volkswagen to Ford Motor over the past few months.

The pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease led to a significant upsurge in demand for semiconductor chips from the electronics segment due to the rise in populations working from home. However, the pandemic also had a stifling effect on semiconductor chip production, which was spurred on by events like the fire at a Japanese chip plant in March 2021, alongside intensifying pressure from auto companies aiming towards introducing more electric vehicles.

The Peugeot 308 models equipped with analogue speedometers are expected to make an appearance from the end of May, according to the company. Meanwhile, Stellantis will retain chips for digital speedometers in most of its popular models, such as the Peugeot 3008 SUV.

The Peugeot 308 model is set to be phased out in autumn of 2021, with the next generation of the vehicle to be manufactured with digital dashboards at a separate Mulhouse-based factory. Over 98,000 of its 308 models were sold by Peugeot in 2020.

Peugeot was apparently considering offering a €400 discount on its cars equipped with analogue speedometers. Stellantis declined to offer a comment on the announcement.

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