Spokestack unveils voice assistant developer platform at Project Voice

Spokestack, a leading company involved in making applications voice-enabled, reportedly launched a new developer platform to create custom mobile voice assistants during a Project Voice event.
Project Voice is the leading event for artificial intelligence and voice tech in America. The Spokestack platform offers mobile developers a complete suite of services to combine custom voice assistants within their smartphone user experience.
The company is bridging a gap in the voice developer tool industry by making it simple for developers to innovate voice navigation, search as well as brand advancing conversational experiences for the customers.
There are more than a billion mobile devices having voice capabilities that are supported by Google's Assistant and Apple's Siri. Even after this, not even a handful of mobile applications have a way to have branded, proprietary conversations straight with their users. The company expects to integrate companies like Optimizely, Twilio and others who enable mobile developers to make smarter applications with less effort from their easily usable developer tools.
CEO of Spokestack, Mike Tatum stated that many people are utilizing their smartphones as voice-based assistants, still, most of the mobile apps do not have a specific voice interface to answer the user's request.
Tatum further added that the company's mission is to offer tools to directly carry out conversations with consumers using mobile applications to everyone from Fortune 500 companies to individual developers.
Executive Producer of Project Voice, Bradley Metrock stated that Project Voice is thrilling to have Spokestack unveil its new technology offering through a workshop at the event this year.
Metrock further added that this the timing is ideal for the company's approach and technology, providing voice to mobile applications, and the company is also looking forward to Spokestack being an integral part of Project Voice for several coming years.
Spokestack is a new cloud platform that makes it easy for developers to combine voice navigation, search as well as brand advancing conversational experiences to apps.
People can easily add ASR and VAD to their app using one of the open-source libraries. Spokestack VAD and ASR enables app developers to convert user utterances to text.
Source credit: https://apnews.com/Business%20Wire/590ef4bd308c4e0586811f27378e99fe