Sodium Hypochlorite Market Growth, Trend, Business Opportunities, Challenges, Drivers and Restraint Research Report by 2027

The global sodium hypochlorite market is gaining momentum and it is slated to experience healthy growth over the next few years. The market growth will be primarily driven by increasing application of the product in water treatment, textile, agriculture, chemical, and household applications, among others.

Sodium hypochlorite in a dilute form is commonly known as bleach. It is a household chemical compound widely used as a bleaching agent or a disinfectant. Sodium hypochlorite is among the oldest, most important, and most widely used chlorine based bleaches.

The demand for sodium hypochlorite across chemical applications is slated to grow at a CAGR of around 3.5% through 2027. The product consumption across textile applications is projected to increase at a notable 5.5% in the forthcoming years.

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It is estimated that the global sodium hypochlorite industry share from the agriculture sector will expand at a CAGR of over 4.6% over 2021-2027. Meanwhile, the others application segment will record a 4% CAGR up to 2027. Based on the function, the market is bifurcated into disinfection, oxidizing, bleaching, odor removal, and others. The use of sodium hypochlorite for bleaching purposes is likely to increase at a CAGR of nearly 4.4% during the same forecast period.

Household bleaching products usually contain about 3-8% of sodium hypochlorite by weight. The substance has excellent stain resistance properties and is highly effective in removing dental stains caused due to fluorosis, mold stains, as well as stains on crockery, such as those caused by the tannins in tea. These properties also make it highly effective as a surface cleaner and in laundry detergents.

The product application as an oxidizing agent will grow at a CAGR of 3.9% in the coming years. Sodium hypochlorite market size from odor removal segment will increase at a 3% CAGR through 2027. The others segment is expected to grow at a 3.5%. In terms of the regional landscape, the sodium hypochlorite industry in North America will garner momentum in the near future, growing at a robust 5% growth rate.

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To address increasing water concerns and meet the demand for clean water, the regional water treatment companies are implementing innovative technologies for sodium hypochlorite generation. For instance, last year in February, a water treatment plant based in San Diego had announced plans to switch from chlorine gas to the on-site production of sodium hypochlorite in order to improve safety, reduce risks, and cut manufacturing costs.

The product consumption across Latin American countries is likely to increase at a CAGR of 4.5% over 2021-2027. Meanwhile, the Middle East and Africa sodium hypochlorite market will register a CAGR of more than 4.2% through the same forecast timeframe.