Silvaco, Silicon Power Technology to back China's semiconductor firms

The two companies will help new firms in China to become successful in the semiconductor industry.
Silvaco Inc., a leading supplier of design IP and EDA software, announced that it has partnered with Silicon Power Technology, a Sino-foreign joint venture and tech incubator, to support the growth of semiconductor companies in China.
Apparently, the power semiconductor industry is important for China's overall development in new markets, like electric cars. It would also empower the growth of highspeed trains, consumer appliances, enterprise industrial electronics and subways.
Silicon Power Technology, situated in Tianfu Software Development Park in Chengdu, China, is well known for providing a complete platform for startup companies. It supports startups with combining office spaces, technology R&D support, management support and fundraising.
Reportedly, ManGyu Hwang, General Manager APAC, Silvaco, claims that China is making huge investments in domestic semiconductor industry. He says that power semiconductor is a rapidly growing section that meets the needs of data centers, mobiles and 5G telecom markets.
He continued by stating that their company is delighted to help new firms in Chengdu to become successful, especially after observing growth rate of the power semiconductor segment in 2018.
In a statement, Sharon Fang, GM of Silvaco China, was reported to say that the new partnership with Silicon Power Technology will be an excellent opportunity for the company to create new business relationships and assist the most innovative semiconductor companies in China.
She claims that their firm has established itself as the leading provider of solutions and tools for the development and design of power electronics. Moreover, its support will act as an important factor in expanding the power sector of the region.
As per Jesse Parker, General Manager, Silicon Power Technology, Silvaco's contribution of preferential access to its industry-leading solutions and tools for both process and device simulation of power semiconductors will be vital for their business development.
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