Samsung Galaxy S23 to offer a super bright screen & satellite communications

Although the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S23 line is just a few months away, several new features and upgrades have surfaced before the launch.

Apparently, two of the most probable upgrades have been leaked.

According to credible sources, the first upgrade is said to support satellite communication in some form.

This news comes following a report that hints that Samsung is collaborating with Iridium, one of the well-recognized global satellite communications organizations, to offer this feature on the Galaxy S23 line.

Amid Iridium providing voice as well as data communication services, the firm is planning to restrict the S23's satellite skills for texting small images and messages, as it will be placing a small antenna in the phone.

This may sound restrictive, but it will be enough to suffice the users ‘needs to reach out to contacts or emergency services in circumstances where there's no cell signal.

On the other side, the second leak by the firm in the new phone is slated to be specifically associated with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, deployed with a screen that will offer brightness of about 2,150 or higher nits.

Apparently, the brightest screen is offered by tech behemoth Apple on its iPhone 14 Pro Max, which can reach around 2,000 nits. Hence, if this leak is correct, Samsung will defeat Apple by making a new record.

In addition, Samsung will compete with Apple if its forthcoming phones support satellite communications, as, at present, the iPhone 14 line is one among the small number of handsets that supports this functionality.

Furthermore, it is remarkable that companies are exploring this idea, as it is a potentially life-saving feature and one that is expected to be coming on most phones in the coming future.

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