I-Remit & Jumio tie up to better digital on-boarding & user experience

Leading ID-verification firm Jumio has reportedly joined hands with Philippines-based remittance provider I-Remit.
This collaboration is geared towards simplifying eKYC and on boarding processes.
I-Remit allows Filipinos, local and overseas, to transfer money in and out of the country. As per the World Economic Forum, in 2018, Philippines received remittances equivalent to 10% of its GDP, with 10 million out of 107 million Filipinos working overseas.
The burgeoning popularity of remittance technologies is facilitated by key demographic shifts. With an average age of 23.5 years, Philippines has one of the youngest populations worldwide. This demographic, coupled with easy access to smartphones and other technologies, has bolstered digitization of the remittance industry.
I-Remit is currently working on its own transformation to adapt to the evolving remittance industry landscape, by launching IREMITX, a safe, online substitute for physical transactions. IREMITEX enables users to make transactions digitally, through web or mobile web, rather than waiting in line at a branch.
In order to simplify the digital onboarding process, I-Remit was looking for an eKYC provider with a global presence. The Jumio ID-verification solution uses AI, machine learning and facial recognition for customer verification.
Together, Jumio and I-Remit can ensure quick and accurate customer verification in over 200 countries. Services are available in several languages, with over 3000 ID document-types.
Ron Benito, I-Remit executive VP of International Treasury has apparently stated that Jumio offers a solution to two prominent issues; customer experience and online scalability. He further commented that Jumio technology ensures advanced customer onboarding experience, speedy & accurate eKYC processes as well as cost and time savings.
Furthermore, this alliance will help expand Jumios APAC presence. Just last year, Jumio launched its Singapore office to address growing demand for digital ID verification in the region. The office will help aid banks, finance firms and online gaming portals to ensure AML & KYC compliance.
Source Credit: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20191110005015/en/I-Remit-Fortifies-Digital-Onboarding-User-Experience-Jumio%E2%80%99s