Qualcomm extends NXP buyout deal, awaits Chinese government approval

Renowned U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm, has apparently made its way to the front page with the announcement of its decision to extend the NXP Semiconductor tender offer yet again. For the record, this is the 29th time the company is extending the purchase offer of NXP Semiconductors NV in a proposed deal of USD 44 billion, as it anticipates an all-clear signal from the Chinese Government.
Incidentally, through this venture, Qualcomm which presently supplies chips to Android smartphones and even Apple, would become a leading chip supplier to the rapidly evolving automotive chip market.
Sources claim that the much-hyped deal in the semiconductor industry faced major challenges since its onset. To begin with, NXP stakeholders put up a strong opposition with regards to Qualcomm's USD 110 per share, alleging that the price offered undervalued the company. The shareholders included hedge funds Soroban Capital Partners LP and Elliott Advisors (UK) Ltd. and have held out for over a year since the initial offer in 2016. Seemingly, as a consequence, Qualcomm raised its bid to USD 127.50 per share this February, as a step to shield itself from a hostile takeover bid of USD 121 billion from Broadcom Ltd.
Though the deal has already received eight of the nine required regulatory approvals worldwide, it presently faces a new form of hurdle from China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), amidst the rising trade tensions between Beijing and Washington. However, MOFCOM approved two small-scale semiconductor deals this year that involves American companies.
Allegedly, Qualcomm, that had a record of extending its tender offer every month, has now been doing it every week. The American tech giant has extended its cash tender to buy all its NXP shares from June 29th to July 6th. Reportedly, the tender would continue to extend until all conditions are satisfied or the tender offer gets terminated.