ONE working with Google Cloud to accelerate growth in digital shipping

Ocean Network Express or ONE, owner of the sixth largest container fleet in the world, has reportedly collaborated with Google Cloud to gain a competitive edge by advancing its data cloud strategy and digital transformation.

The next-gen shipping firm is improving its operational efficiency by exploring business information, improving time to insight via data analytics services such as BigQuery, improving employee productivity with Google Workspace and most importantly, running its SAP systems on Google Cloud.

The company, being one of the largest container shipping companies across the world, handles daily transactions of over 14,000 customers across 63 countries. Previously, the company used locally hosted SAP accounting systems in every country on their legacy cloud platform. For modernizing the system, the company shifted to a financial software named SAP S/4HANA enterprise resource planning (ERP) hosted on Google Cloud. This migration from on-premise infrastructure to public cloud makes ONE able to upscale or downscale its ERP system to cater to upgraded data volumes and customer demands.

In addition, the company is integrating data analytics solutions provided by Google Cloud to its SAP system to achieve a real-time and unified view of global data, thus allowing ONE to efficiently predict supply chain demand and help in making quicker business decisions.

ONE has also planned to upgrade its legacy data environment with data lake through BigQuery and this modernization will be fully executed by third quarter of 2021. This will allow the next-gen shipping company to effectively analyze its SAP ERP data and other available data sources to expand its business and gain competitive advantage.

ONE’s Senior Vice President, Kosuke Wada, apparently stated that a solid strategy, like methods to capture and process multi-level internal data, is essential to modernize the company’s legacy infrastructure. He further added that ONE’s collaboration with Google Cloud enables it to act upon authenticated and updated information to shape the company’s future data cloud strategy.

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