NuScale signs MoU with Prodigy & Kinectrics for MPS deployment

NuScale Power has reportedly inked an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Kinectrics Incorporated and Prodigy Clean Energy Ltd. to find and inform a regulatory framework developed to address deployment and licensing of a Prodigy MPS (Marine Power Station).

This MoU expands the current partnership between Prodigy and NuScale and exhibits a crucial step towards making this technology a commercial prospect. Under this agreement, the three companies will create a document of regulatory considerations and tech specifications on the MPS that will be utilized to engage potential customers along with regulators.

Commenting on the collaboration, John Hopkins, the CEO and Chairman of NuScale Power expressed that the engagement with Kinectrics and Prodigy is a huge opportunity for the company to build its business momentum and collaborate with industry leaders. He added that the work executed within this MoU will broaden opportunities for generating nuclear energy and help attain a future comprising sustainable, carbon-free energy.

The MPS will integrate a marine-based nuclear power plant system with 1-12 NPMs (NuScale Power Modules™). It presents a carbon-free and rapidly deployed solution for generating baseload energy that will replace fossil fuel power plants across the world.

The advantages of using the marine power plant system of Prodigy to deploy NuScale SMR (Small Modular Reactor) comprise substantially reduced capital costs, accelerated project delivery schedule in comparison to conventional land-based nuclear projects, and reduced environmental impact.

According to David Harris, the CEO and President of Kinectrics, the marine nuclear power plant systems of Prodigy have the potential to transform the energy industry. The MPS could enable new nuclear establishments on locations where conventional land-based nuclear plants are either economically or technically infeasible.

With potential deployments of NuScale power plants in Canada, the company continues to establish partnerships with firms in the Canadian supply chain, with an aim of creating an economic source that will produce millions of dollars through business opportunities and jobs.

For the record, Prodigy is the first commercial marine nuclear developer in Canada, which specializes in the integration of current power reactors into stationary-deployed marine power plant structures.

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