NuEyes-Blitzz partner to launch HIPAA-compliant platform NuCall

NuEyes Technologies Inc., a wearable technology company, has recently announced a partnership with Blitzz Software. The partnership has been strategically made to launch a telemedicine platform compliant with HIPAA, dubbed NuCall.

NuCall will be delivered as a standard feature on the e2 VR or AR smart glasses and standalone software that is hardware-agnostic to provide a link between patients and doctors across the globe. Additionally, the platform will also offer various innovative features including connection to doctors via email, WhatsApp, SMS, and e2, as well as other key features such as Capture & Save Image, Magnification, Recognition, Optical Character, Live Pointer, Web & Mobile Screen Share, and bandwidth-optimized video that offers a viewing experience with high-definition quality.

According to the chief executive officer and founder of NuEyes, Mark Greget, NuCall has been designed to address the rising needs of people during the unprecedented times where access to care services are extremely limited. These rising needs include immediate access to any medical professional by visually impaired persons or other in need. These demands can be fulfilled through the adoption of the recent easy and simple software solution. The co-founder and chief executive officer of Blitzz Software, Rama Sreenivasan, and his team have significantly established a high-quality platform that the company looks for in a valuable partnership.

As per the statement made by Blitzz CEO Rama, the company is excited to partner with NuEyes to cater to more customers or patients and help them gain access to a doctor remotely. He also expressed his anticipation towards bringing a technological innovation into medicine through the recent partnership deal. He stated that the phenomenal team of experts in NuEyes is a perfect partner to bring about these innovative changes in delivering telemedicine services. The companies aim at joining hands with great conviction and solidarity to empower people during the ongoing crisis. In this way, NuCall, which is powered by Blitzz, will efficiently transform the conditions of the visually impaired people.

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