Nokia-Proximus deploy world’s fastest live fiber network with 25G PON

Nokia, a telecommunications company, and Proximus, a mobile digital communication company, have recently deployed the world’s fastest fiber access network at a media event held in Antwerp. The event attendees include the Mayor of Antwerp, the Belgian Minister of Telecommunications, as well as engineers and executives from the two companies.

The 1st ever 25G PON live fiber network, operating over existing fiber & equipment of Nokia deployed in the Proximus network, can connect Havenhuis building located in the Port of Antwerp with the central office of Proximus in the mid-city. Notably, the network speed exceeded 20-Gbps, making it the world’s fastest fiber network.

According to Proximus’ CEO, Guillaume Boutin, the activation of the 1st 25G PON network signifies the company’s objective to become a reference operator in Europe, as well as across the globe. The company, in collaboration with Nokia, has achieved a technological leap forward to be a key enabler of the digital economy & society.

The recent announcement will further strengthen the connection of the citizens of Antwerp with future technology, Mr. Boutin added. This deployment of the fastest fiber network, which happened on the back of huge investments, will significantly help gain a competitive edge and support the growth of the company, Antwerp city, and the entire economy as a whole.

As per the statement made by the President of Network Infrastructure at Nokia, Federico Guillén, the company has launched a breakthrough technology that enabled a switch to HD TV 10 years back. Most recently, it made a historically significant move via the deployment of a 200 times faster network, powered by its Quillion chipset, which has been supporting 3 generations of PON technologies. This chipset has also been leveraged by over 100 operators since its launch in 2020. The operators that deployed Quillion-based GPON & XGS-PON solution have the capabilities to seamlessly evolve to 25G PON.

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