Nepes initiates new Fan-Out package supply service to U.S. chipmaker

Nepes, a leading advanced packaging service provider, reportedly announced the initiation of high-reliability Fan-Out package supply service to a renowned U.S. based wireless chip manufacturer. Fan-Out production is stabilized for mass manufacturing of advanced package line that the company recently procured from Deca Technologies.
Nepes' "High-Reliability Fan-out Package" is a high-tech solution that includes approximately two times Board Level Reliability (BLR) performance compared to standard fan-out technologies. The company does so by decreasing physical stress over chips by using sidewall protection structures.
The solution also uses a unique "Adaptive Patterning" technology that can aid in decreasing die drift, a commonplace chronic issue encountered in fan-out packages. Decreasing die-drift results in a product with better-quality and higher-yield at a relatively lesser cost. Presently, only two companies are capable of mass-producing the advanced package solution, including Nepes.
The Fan-out package technology is estimated to expand into a $3B industry by 2025. Major growth of the market is likely due to integration as well as high-performance trends. The company adopted fan-out packaging quite early on under a collaboration with a top-tier automotive semiconductor company. Fan-out package technology is growing the company's business portfolio.
President and Head of Business Development, Nepes, Mr. Taehoon Kim stated that in order to grow performance and stability of chips due to the proliferation of 5G markets, the implementation of highly reliable packages to PMIC and RFIC is projected to rise rapidly.
Kim added that this year the company aims to initiate mass manufacturing of heavily reliable fan-out products in earnest and to offer large-scale Panel services which would increase cost efficiency and capacity, beginning September 2020.
Kim further stated that the firm has set an aim of increasing fan-out package sales to more than $450M from the present $30M in the coming five years. The company has also secured a foothold to reach this goal starting with mass manufacturing.
Nepes is also working towards the construction of a novel 600mm panel format fan-out plant in Korea, which is optimized and designed to meet growing consumer demand.
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