Microsoft plans to introduce new version of Windows in June 2021

Microsoft, a multinational technology company, has recently announced plans to unveil its next generation of Windows on 24th June 2021. This announcement came a week after Satya Nadella, the company’s CEO, teased major enhancements to its PC OS (operating system) for developers and creators.

Windows, which is the dominant OS for personal computers, is the source of over 14% of the revenue of the tech company, which has been operating as one of the valuable companies worldwide. Since its initial availability in 2015, the company has pushed 2 updates to its Windows 10 OS each year.

Mr. Nadella made the Windows remarks shortly after the technology firm announced the termination of plans to ship its Windows 10X, designed initially for the dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo, whose launch has been delayed. It previously placed a strong emphasis on single-screen PCs including laptops for Windows 10X.

Later, Microsoft revealed plans to leverage the key information and accelerate the integration of the foundational 10X technology into other Windows parts and products, rather than separately launching Windows 10X to the market. The company announced its latest Windows 10 with slight changes in May 2021.

Sources familiar with the matter have reported that the tech company is working on a new update to Windows with Sun Valley as the code name, which is expected to come along with a modern look including the Start menu. It is further expected to revamp the Windows app store, which will enable developers to adopt the 3rd-party commerce systems, apart from the Sun Valley update, sources added.

As per an invitation sent by Microsoft to the reporters, the upcoming event will be held online, along with the participation of Mr. Nadella and Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer of Microsoft, who has been the face of its Surface devices.

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