Microsoft-Intel fallout could result in AMD-powered Surface devices

Microsoft's relationship with Intel is reportedly on the verge of falling apart following a series of disappointing products by Intel
Reports suggest that on account of being consistently disappointed by Intel's products, Microsoft could be looking to turn to chipmaker AMD for its upcoming series of Surface products. Apparently, this move would be a major setback for Intel and a massive success for its rival AMD, since for the past five years Microsoft surface devices have evidently been powered by Intel processors.
Microsoft expert Brad Sams has claimed that individuals at Microsoft believe the company's future with Intel looks bleak, leading to the company shifting its focus away from a completely Intel-driven lineup for its upcoming next-gen Surface devices. According to Sams, the main reason for Microsoft and Intel's fallout is the string of unsatisfactory product releases by Intel.
Evidently, Microsoft has established relationships with both Qualcomm and AMD, the former working with Microsoft on Windows on Snapdragon devices and the latter designing chip for the upcoming Xbox Scarlett console, which makes it likely that the company is looking to work with them in developing new Surface products.
Sams confirmed that prototypes have already been tested after experimentation with ARM and AMD chips. Apparently, a new prototype of Surface Pro Laptop is said to be driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. Meanwhile, a Surface prototype is currently equipped with a 12nm AMD Picasso system on chip (SoC). It seems that Microsoft is working with Qualcomm in developing its own ARM chip, named Excalibur, that has proved to be more compatible with Windows 10.
Sams also blamed Intel's sixth-generation series of core processors Skylake for its incompatibility with windows, which resulted in damaged hardware and proved to be a critical blow to Microsoft's reputation. Overall performance of Skylake processors was satisfactory, however they fell victims to various high-profile security flaws such as Spectre and Meltdown.
Despite all these events, Sams believes that Intel's brand power is good enough to ensure an Intel-powered Surface Pro 7 as well as new versions of the Surface Book.
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