Memsource and CaptionHub ink partnership for multimedia localization

Memsource and CaptionHub have reportedly signed a global alliance to offer advanced localization abilities for multimedia and enterprises upscaling their synthetic dubbing and subtitling output.

This move comes on the heels of growing the subtitling market demand, which has witnessed a 500% rise in subtitle minutes from Q1 2021 to Q2 2022.

CaptionHub, whose clients include Stripe, TED, Acolad, RWS, GSK, and Unilever, processes millions of subtitle minutes across hundreds of languages every month. On the other hand, Memsource is an industry leader in localization. Both companies developed a partnership in 2018.

The technological integration will provide CaptionHub and Memsource users with an advanced subtitling workflow powered by TMS. Under the partnership, CaptionHub will leverage the native Memsource machine translation and its built-in translation engines.

Notably, the new partnership will help accelerate product integration and expand offerings to their current client base, including leading European gaming firm Supercell which deploys both technologies for its YouTube gaming community of 5 million subscribers.

This partnership comes following the recent strategic investment of private equity company Carlyle Group in Memsource, after the acquisition and merger of Phrase and Memsource in the last two years.

CaptionHub CEO Tom Bridges has commented that Memsource is the preferred TMS for localization teams and linguists worldwide and has shown excitement to take their partnership to the next level.

Furthermore, Memsource’s CEO, Georg Ell, has stated that this strategic collaboration affirms the company’s lead as the preferred provider of cloud-based multimedia translation technology.

For the record, the CaptionHub platform, built for subtitling at scale, uses a combination of browser-based editing, advanced AI, powerful automation, sophisticated collaboration tools, and several workflow integrations.

Meanwhile, Memsource is ranked as the leading TMS on G2. The company supports more than 500 languages, over 30 machine translation engines, and more than 50 file types.

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