Intelsat & Lintasarta to expand internet services across Indonesia

Indonesia Government, via its USO (universal service organization) agency aims at social and economic advancements by connecting over 15,000 regions by the end of 2023. 
The Luxembourg headquartered- Intelsat, a satellite telecommunications company has reportedly announced to have joined hands with PT. Aplikanusa Lintasarta - an Indonesian internet, IT and telecom service provider in order to deploy and expand Indonesia's broadband and wireless communication services.
For the record, Indonesia is the world's fourth largest populated country. The citizens are scattered across 500 districts and 80,000 villages.
Jean-Phillipe Gillet, Vice president and General manager, Networks, at Intelsat was reportedly quoted stating that the citizens of Indonesia will have access to high quality, fast and a consistent broadband that enable connection with the government, health services, business and educational institutions through this deal.
According to trusted sources, under a five-year agreement, Lintasarta will use overlapping coverage from Intelsat 33e and Horizon 3e - Intelsat's two high- throughput satellites that will cover Pacific Ocean and Asia Pacific region. Intelsat's Epic has brought in efficiencies that were earlier unavailable (unless at a huge user terminal cost), allowing the mobile network operators and companies to expand their networks to underserved communities of the world.
Citing reports, by the end of 2023, the Government of Indonesia, with Badan Aksesibilitas Telekomunikasi dan Informasi (BAKTI)- its universal service organization (USO) agency aims at providing social advancements and ensuring economic growth by connecting over 15,000 regions across the country.
In recent news, Lintasarta was chosen by Indonesia's Ministry of Communication and IT to upgrade its USO program.
Ginandjar Alibasjah, Datacom Director at Lintasarta reportedly stated that Intelsat's performance and resiliency of its network worldwide will enable Lintasarta to expand Indonesia's data network infrastructure by providing broadband and internet services to all the citizens, even located in remote areas.
As per reliable sources, financials related to the deal have not been disclosed so far.