Intel unveils 2nd Gen Xeon processor & 10nm chip for 5G base stations

Intel Corp., a multinational technology company, has recently launched a new generation of microprocessors and chipsets, including a second-generation Xeon Scalable processor. The tech giant also has unveiled a high-performance, 10-nanomter chip known as P5900 for optimized wireless 5G base stations.

The new Xeon chips will deliver significant advances in terms of performance per dollar than its predecessors. On the other hand, the 10-nm chip will help Intel gain the position of a leading silicon provider in the base stations by 2021.

The newly unveiled Xeon chips with the advanced features are expected to significantly strengthen the company’s leading position in the data center space. However, the company continues to strive in the competitive market, where rival companies are also introducing advanced solutions that are ideal for high-scale workloads as well as gaining positive reviews in the last 3 years. For instance, AMD has launched various chips measuring 7-nanometer.

With an aim to stay ahead of its competitors, Intel plans to introduce nine chips measuring 10-nanometer in 2020 as well as launch chips of 7-nanometer architecture in 2021.

In an era where several tech giants have introduced server chips in order to cater to the heightened demand from the cloud computing space, Intel & AMD Corp are no exception. These companies have remained prominent in the market for several years and are known for their strong strategic maneuvers for server chip sales.

Intel has faced several setbacks in the past few years and struggled with delays in introducing its 10-nm chip technology. Amid escalating fears concerning the coronavirus globally, the company was forced to call off plans to unveil its new advanced chips at the MWC Barcelona event (formally known as Mobile World Congress), which was cancelled due to the outbreak. It has also faced competitive setbacks in the race to introduce effective data center and server hardware in the 5G data center space.

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