Instagram to add video & image posting functionality to desktop version

Social media platform Instagram is reportedly set to add a new, much-requested functionality on its web version soon. In order to expand its capabilities, Instagram is planning to give its users the ability to post videos and pictures via the desktop version of the app, making content sharing even easier.

Given that currently, users can only view posts on their laptop or desktop Instagram platforms, this new feature could be a welcome change. It may also bring the platform’s desktop version even closer to its mobile application counterpart.

Noted app developer Alessandro Paluzzi recently alluded to the move via Twitter, stating that Instagram users can use simple “drag & drop” actions on their PCs to upload videos or photos. Paluzzi also shared some screenshots which suggest that the new feature could support various media formats, including QuickTime image/video formats, as well as PNG, MP4, and JPG, among others.

Instagram’s new feature will apparently deliver a user experience similar to its application version. Upon uploading the video or image, users can move to the next step, which is to crop media, add filters or location tags, etc. which is similar to the process followed on the Instagram app.

However, certain functionalities may not make the transition to the desktop version. For instance, it is suggested that users will still be unable to take pictures from their laptops or desktops to post on the platform and will instead be allowed to post only existing media. Also, there has been no information regarding whether the web version of Instagram will support posting on Instagram Reels and Stories.

This information is also valuable to users of iPads, given that the platform is still not available as a complete app on the iPad, and is working as an iOS one.

There is no official timeline released regarding the availability of the feature for users. It is possible that it could take some time still since it is likely being tested internally.

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