Iberdrola to use large turbines at Connecticut offshore wind farm

Iberdrola, a Spanish electric utility company, has reportedly announced plans to use the most powerful wind turbines currently available in the market at the offshore wind farm located in Connecticut. Reportedly, the company will be building the wind farm by mid of next decade.
Apparently, energy services company Avangrid Inc. won a contract to construct the 804 MW wind farm in a partnership with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners. Speaking on which, Jonathan Cole, Head of offshore wind power at Iberdrola said that the group is planning to use wind turbines of 14MW capacity; the biggest ones currently available in the industry.
For a record, the 12-megawatt Haliade-X developed by General Electric Co. is currently the biggest wind turbine in the market. Though the machine is still in the testing phase, it has already received contract from the U.S and U.K. for offshore wind farms.
Credible sources suggests that wind turbine power could be increased by optimizing the interior without needing to redesign larger machines. Based on rotor power output to diameter equation, the GE platform can easily develop 14 megawatts turbines, while competitors MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A / S and Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SA would be less likely.
In addition to its plans to deploy high power turbines, Iberdrola has recently inked agreements with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to invest in renewable energy projects as part of its efforts to promote climate action at the COP25 (Climate Change Conference).
Sources close to the deal cite that EIB, under the agreement, will offer two loans worth €690 million. Of this, around €250 million will be used to support the development of 15 windfarms which will be located in the states of Bahìa, Paraìba, and Piauì in the northeast Brazil.
Meanwhile, Iberdrola's Brazilian unit Neoenergia will undertake the development of the windfarms which, when operational, will have a total capacity of 520MW.
Source Link- https://www.evwind.es/2019/12/09/iberdrola-will-use-powerful-wind-turbines-in-connecticut-offshore-wind-energy-project/72344