Hungary amid plans to launch high-speed 5G mobile network in 2019

  • The country has terminated all security concerns about Huawei's 5G technology, treating the Chinese firm like other tech companies.
  • Currently, major network operators in the country include Vodafone, Telenor and Magyar Telekom.
Head of the U.N. internet and telecoms agency has reportedly announced that Hungaryis amid plans to build high-speed5Gmobile networks within the F.Y 2019, assuming that the plans stay on track. As per reports, the country's regulator NMHH released a draft documentation in June predicting a sale exceeding 400 megahertz of 5G spectrum for the next-generation Wi-Fi network that is anticipated to help smooth real-time communication between machines and serve self-driving cars. Reportedly, Hungary has rejected the U.S. security concerns about Huawei's 5G network offering, stating that it treats all its technology supplier equally and doesn't see a reason to differentiate the Chinese firm. Speaking on the move, Houlin Zhao, Secretary-General, InternationalTelecommunication Union said that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban claims that plans to launch the 5G commercial are under progress and, if everything goes as per schedule, Hungary could start its 5G commercial services by the end of 2019. However, Laszlo Palkovics, the Minister in Charge of Technology and Innovation claimed that Hungary is determined to complete the 5G spectrum tenders by October and his ministry will then hand a strategy paper to the government explaining the applications of 5G. Reportedly, Palkovics had earlier claimed that the country intended to initiate 5G services at key industrial spots in 2020 and will include all the vital transport routes and big cities by the midpoint of the next decade. He claims that 5G tenders could raise around 70 billion forints and that Hungary's capital Budapest was delighted that major 5G technology partakers like Huawei were involved in the country to design and produce systems. Source Credit: