Hublot unveils Big Bang e smartwatch to serve luxury watch users

Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, has recently unveiled the 1st full-production smartwatch, with the Hublot Big Bang e model.

This newly launched smartwatch is a part of LVMH, Hublot’s parent company’s aim to deliver high-end smartwatches for customers. In addition to Hublot, LVMH’s subsidiaries have debuted and markets large number of smartwatches. For instance, TAG Heuer launched its 1st collection of Connected smartwatches in March 2020.

As smartphones become a part of the luxury community, manufacturers are planning to bring more lifestyle smartwatches that adopt Google Wear OS and other stable software platforms. Hublot has managed to deploy a modified version of Big Bang case & strap with electronic smartwatch screens and modules. This replaces the traditional dial and mechanical movement inside the watches.

The Hublot Big Bang e was debuted in 2 forms, namely 440.NX.1100.RX in titanium and 440.CI.1100.RX in black ceramic. The sizes of these watches are 42-mm wide and 12.8-mm thick with 30-meter water resistance. Its screen technology is likely to be similar to that of the TAG Heuer & Louis Vuitton smartwatches as they share the underlying hardware & AMOLED touchscreen technologies.

The original watch face software on the device will offer a novel smartwatch experience of Hublot Big Bang e to customers. They will gain access to the watch dial software, which was meant to specifically go with the theme and design of products and cases. From a functional point of view, however, the Big Bang e may not offer tools that are unavailable in other watches with the same OS.

The luxury smartwatch sector growth is primarily driven by the young population. Big Bang e and other products will enable them to stay connected to the digital world via the timepiece. The company is expecting to reach around 25% of the luxury brand sales through smartwatches, considering its consistent and efficient reach to customers.

The prices of Hublot Big Bang e in titanium and black are $5,200 and $5,800 respectively, and will be available to the Hublotista fan club by mid-June and Hublot e-Commerce by July.

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