HP unveils Omen 27i Gaming Monitor and Omen 25L & 30L desktops

HP, an American multinational IT company, has recently unveiled the Omen 27i Gaming Monitor as well as the Omen 25L & 30L desktops. This Gaming Monitor has reportedly been designed to pair with these desktops perfectly.

The Omen 25L & 30L desktops were expected to be launched for sale on 5th May via the company’s website, starting at $899.99 and $1199.99 respectively. At the starting price of $499.99, the Omen 27i Monitor is set to be launched on 22nd May. This will significantly cater to the increased number of people at home and a drastic rise in gaming.

The portfolio of Omen currently features a new visual identity. The company stated that the redesigned Omen desktops, which were built with a tool-less design and refined thermals to get access to microATX-standard internals, serve gamers with the choice of 25 or 30-litre options. The visuals of the desktop have been powered by up to Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics from AMD or GeForce RTX 2080 Ti from Nvidia. The products are also equipped with the new 10th Gen Intel Core i9-10900K of over 20 threads, 10 cores, and 5.3 GHz or over the latest AMD desktop processor, Ryzen 9 3900. These showcase 7nm process technology and Zen 2 core architecture. The Omen 27i Monitor marks the 1st IPS Panel combination (QHD) as well as runs up to 165 Hz. Users can access important files with the top-tier storage through up to two 2-trillion bytes WD_Black PCIe M.2 SSDs7.

Cooler Master has marked its Omen debut, with optional configurable 120mm liquid or 92mm air cooler options for the central processing unit (CPU) as well as 750W Cooler Master 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply Unit. Users can implement lighting control customization for over 6 zones, including graphics, memory, CPU cooler, interior lighting, front fan and front logo, with 5 unique lighting models. Fan Control comes with a normal, quiet, & turbo setting to ensure added cooling control.

Source credit:https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/gadgets-news/hp-unveils-new-omen-25l-and-30l-gaming-desktops-27i-gaming-monitor/articleshow/75563300.cms