Honeywell reveals plans to launch most powerful quantum computer

Honeywell, a multinational conglomerate company, has recently unveiled its plan to release the most powerful quantum computer in the world, within the next 3 months. The company has achieved a breakthrough in the quantum computing space by adopting subatomic particles to speed up computer processing.

Honeywell’s new quantum computer, with accelerated quantum capability, has been designed to tackle complex business and scientific challenges. The company is making conscious efforts to succeed in the quantum computing space, entering strategic partnerships with CQC (Cambridge Quantum Computing) and Zapata Computing to gain new ways of quantum computing deployment. It also has partnered with JPMorgan to develop new quantum computing algorithms in the financial sector. It also recently announced a partnership with Microsoft for enterprise users to get access to the quantum computer through the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

Quantum computing has the capability to perform trillions of calculations in a second, with the use of qubits or quantum bits. According to Darius Adamczyk, chief executive of Honeywell, quantum computing will help increase the computational power as well as improve the operating speeds and costs.

Honeywell has been focusing on transforming how things are done in various industries such as materials and pharmaceuticals, among others, through the ultimate application and advancement of quantum computing. For instance, materials companies can deploy quantum computer to explore various molecular structures. Additionally, financial institutions can upgrade their system for precise and faster software applications, while pharmaceuticals companies can accelerate new drugs discovery through efficient quantum computing capabilities.

Ilyas Khan, CQC’s chief executive has reportedly stated that Honeywell operated with partners in a stealth mode before revealing the quantum plans. It became an investor in CQC after years of collaboration between the companies. The announcement for Honeywell’s new computer comes along the heels of Google’s claim of achieving ‘quantum supremacy’ in 2019, with its quantum processor Sycamore capable of solving problems in as little as 200 seconds, which could probably take 10,000 years to complete by a traditional computer.

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