Guerbet and IBM Watson Health collaborate on AI in medical imaging

Guerbet. a global contrast agents and solutions specialist in diagnostic medical imaging, declared that it has collaborated with IBM Watson Health in a bid to develop an artificial intelligence software for medical imaging. Both the firms, through this agreement, plan to develop highly innovative clinical decision support solutions.
IBM's research team has planned to develop a diagnostic support tool called Watson Imaging Care Advisor. This diagnostic support tool will use AI to help doctors with automated tracking, monitoring, detection, therapy prediction, staging, therapy response and secondary liver cancer diagnosis.
Reports suggest that on a global scale liver cancer is the second leading cause for death and about 83 percent of the cases for primary liver cancer occur in developing countries. The liver is also a more prominent site for metastases, particularly in cases of digestive cancer. As per estimates, almost 50% patients develop digestive metastases globally.
Watson Imaging Care Advisor for Liver is anticipated to be a part of the IBM Watson image analytics powered decision support tools that are developed to help radiologists make accurate decisions for their patients.
Care Advisor for Liver, another support tool, will be incorporated into the workflow by means of PACS visualization system which will eventually reduce efforts for health professionals.
Guerbets CEO, Yves LEpine stated that liver cancer is a global health concern that can be effectively dealt with AI-based medical imaging. He further added that he was pleased to work with IBM Watson Health for developing solutions for liver diseases.
Anne Le Grand, Watson Health's Vice President of Imaging also stated that AI will help physicians with precise treatment decisions and diagnostics for their patients. He added that they are looking forward to more advanced innovation by Guerbet and IBM in this important field with a sole purpose to counter liver cancer globally.