Google shores up cloud workload migration by acquiring CloudSimple

Deployment of VMware on Google Cloud Platform will enable customers to use all of the expertise of VMware tools and training, and secure their investments.
Google has announced that it has acquired CloudSimple to improve its cloud workload migration tools. The move uncoincidentally comes after the collaboration of Mountain View company and CloudSimple to offer Google Cloud Platform customers a fully integrated migration solution.
Google reportedly stated that the team of CloudSimple will soon join Google Cloud, and customers will be able to move on-premises workloads directly into Google Cloud and simultaneously create new workloads due to tight integration of its products. Apps are expected to operate exactly the same as they do on-premises, but with the advantages of cloud, such as elasticity and performance.
Guru Pangal, CEO, CloudSimple, reportedly stated that he is grateful to the intelligent, experienced and enthusiastic team of CloudSimple for developing this service. The company official expressed his excitement on being a part of Google Cloud and was further quoted saying that the company will look forward to accelerate its ability to help customers in easily moving enterprise workloads to the cloud.
Ajay Patel, Senior Vice President, Cloud Provider Software Unit at VMware, apparently stated that the company has been looking forward to continuing its partnership with Google Cloud.
The microservices-based engineered platform of CloudSimple is present throughout public clouds in numerous regions. It effectively converts bare-metal datacenter resources into "as-a-service" private clouds which can be fast-provisioned in an automated, advanced fashion. There is a single portal managing private clouds and enabling customers to log on all public cloud services. It benefits customers from scalable monitoring and alerting, fault tolerance and global support of private clouds.
For the record, CloudSimple was established by Guru Pangal in 2016 to develop an efficient cloud migration suite to shift large sets of existing enterprise workloads to the cloud. The founding team opted for VMware to create an operating system capable of managing dedicated clouds within public clouds such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
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