Google’s new feature allows Google Duo users to send invite links

Google, an American multinational technology company, has reportedly enabled its video chat app, Google Duo, to send invite links on mobiles.

The tech giant has been rolling out various updates and new features to the video calling app, with an aim to gain a competitive advantage over its rival, Zoom. The recently launched feature will enable the app to effectively compete with Zoom and other video calling apps in the market.

The new feature will reportedly allow the video call host to invite new members to the chat by sending a link. The app has currently enabled the users to access the new feature. A service-side update has been made on the app version 89 & 91 for users to gain access to the new features by using their mobile app.

Users must add at least one person to the app to deploy the new feature. Following this, they can click on the copy icon to share the link across other platforms as well. By clicking to the link, the receiver on the other platforms will get directed to the Google Duo app and be able to access the video call.

Additionally, the app will enable users to invite people during the video chat. In order to allow people to join the video call midway, the user can tap on the three dots at the bottom right corner and click on the share button.

The tech giant recently introduced a new feature in the Google Duo app. This feature allows users to doodle, which will be visible to everyone on video calls. The feature can also help surprise participants with masks and other fun effects that transform the users into figures such as cats and astronauts, among others. Users with Google accounts can get access to this fun feature by starting the video call and tapping on ‘Family’ from the menu icon.

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