Google unveils plans to spend $600M for expanding data center in SC

Reputed search engine Google has reportedly planned to invest $600 million to expand its gigantic data center located outside of Charleston. The infrastructure, that is located close to the north of Charleston, is one of the few data centers the company operates in the United States. It is the lifeblood of Gmail and Google drive services, cite credible sources.
As per CBS San Francisco, after its inception, Google has pumped more than $1.8 billion in this decade-old data facility located in Moncks Corner. Earlier this month, Google also bought property in Midlothian, located 25 miles southwest of Dallas, to build a new data center. The search engine giant claimed that the Dallas project is in its initial phase and would take time to complete.
Certain outlines of the latest expansion were made public by Berkeley County Council, which will take care of the property tax of the site. According to the Council, Google will have to complete its development by early 2030.
According to credible sources, the recent expansion was previously called "Project Linden" by the council. Berkeley County would formally conclude the deal with Google's business unit, namely Maguro Enterprises, which was fabricated to conceal the firm's identity during data center transactions in 2006.
According to a statement by Lilyn Hester, Google's Southeast Public Policy Head, Google takes pride in announcing Berkeley County as the home for its giant data center, and the company would not hesitate to take up other opportunities in the same community in the future.
For the record, the search engine giant runs eight data centers in the United States and 15 worldwide, having three in Georgia and Carolina. Google hasn't shed light upon what prompted it to go for this expansion.
The company has not made any official statement regarding the expansion as it is waiting for the approval from Berkeley County authorities.