Global Xanthan Gum Market Research Report: By Form, By Application and Region - Forecast till 2026

The xanthan gum market is set to witness remunerative revenue growth through the forthcoming years owing to the increasing use of xanthan gum in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and cosmetics industries among others. Xanthan gum is known as bacterial polysaccharide with several industrial uses. It is a well-known food additive which is generally added to foods as a stabilizer or thickener.

In fact, when the powder form of xanthan gum is added to a liquid, it rapidly disperses and forms a gluey and stable solution. This effectively makes xanthan gum great stabilizing, suspending, and thickening agent, which is used across several F&B preparations.

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Rising demand for gluten free additives is likely to propel the demand for xanthan gum over the coming years. Consumers are increasingly changing their dietary preferences towards healthy eating and consuming easy-to-digest ingredients. There are numerous health-based benefits of switching to gluten-free diet, it aids weight loss as it allows people from consuming excessive starch from food products. Gluten free diets further boosts energy, reduces inflammation, and improves digestion, which is bringing more focus towards it, creating more demand for xanthan gum. The product is used within gluten free products owing to its fluffiness and elasticity.

The consumption of gum is also known to lower blood sugar levels. It further offers improved regularity, as it effectively boosts the movement of water within the intestines for creating bulkier, softer stool, thereby helping in passing the stool easily. Additionally, it is used as a substitute for saliva for people suffering from dry mouth, it thickens liquids usually for individuals or elderly people who have difficulty in swallowing.

The xanthan gum market is bifurcated in terms of application and regional landscape.

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From a regional frame of reference, Latin America xanthan gum market is likely to grow with CAGR of over 4.5% over the estimated time period owing to increasing demand for high quality cosmetic ingredients. The cosmetics industry is expected to grow owing to ongoing innovation and new market trends. Brazil is considered as one of the largest cosmetics market with new beauty trends and increasing focus towards natural cosmetic ingredients.

Middle East & Africa xanthan gum market is likely to surpass a valuation of approximately $75 million by the end of the analysis timeline due to rising demand for economical and high-performance ingredients in food & beverage industry. With the growth of the larger middle-class demographic, emerging employed millennial consumer population, and a growing expatriate community, the demand for premium, private label food products is likely to increase in MENA states, fostering market growth.

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