German firms close UAE deals in search of alternate energy supplies

German companies have reportedly inked agreements with UAE-based firms to develop a hydrogen supply chain, as Berlin seeks to reduce its reliance on Russian energy and curb carbon emissions.

The agreements were signed during a visit to Gulf states by German Economy Minister Robert Habeck to hold talks regarding long-term energy supplies.

Germany is investing in clean energy and intends to curb its dependence on Russian energy as part of efforts from the Western front to pressurize Moscow over its Ukraine invasion. The German Economy Minister was accompanied by the Chief Executive of ThyssenKrupp AG, which aims to list Nucera, its hydrogen unit, on the stock market this year.

Uniper, the Düsseldorf-based energy company, Erlangen-based Hydrogenious along with JERA Americas and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), will perform a joint exhibition project for hydrogen transport.

The deal intends to develop a hydrogen supply chain produced from UAE’s renewable energy to Wilhelmshaven in Germany, based on the LOHC (Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers) technology of Hydrogenious.

Interestingly, hydrogen from sources like solar and wind is identified as a crucial source of clean energy. However, it is a very light element, making it costly and difficult to transport across long distances.

As per Uniper’s statement, the consortium would acknowledge these challenges by consolidating JERA Americas' energy trading experience, ADNOC's energy sources, Uniper's involvement in hydrogen projects across the Middle East, and consumer base with Hydrogenious' expertise.

ADNOC also inked agreements with energy firms Steag, GEWEC, and RWE along with German copper manufacturer Aurubis to ship blue ammonia, a low carbon way of generating the compound, to the country. ADNOC and Hamburger Hafen & Logistik AG (HHLA) will coordinate to ship the blue ammonia.

Moreover, the Emirati Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and German research organization the Fraunhofer Society agreed to extend the expertise exchange in applied hydrogen technology and sustainable energy.

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