Fingerprint Cards unveils its Touchless 2.0 authentication platform

Increasing usage of biometrics in consumer devices for authentication as well as high adoption by companies for enhanced security, and the latest trend of face recognition in smartphones are some of the reasons behind the exponential growth in demand for fingerprint sensors. The industry is further witnessing increasing evolution of security and focus towards customer satisfaction.
Fingerprint Cards, a renowned Swedish biometrics firm developing and producing biometric systems, reportedly launched its Touchless 2.0 platform, integrating the convenience delivered by face recognition with the security provided by iris, to meet requirements from emerging IoT and smartphone OEMs.
The new 2.0 platform, which can be leveraged independently or as a component of a multimodal biometric authentication solution combined with the fingerprint touch sensors, allows for an enhanced user experience that operates indoors or outdoors, in rain or daylight.
Fingerprint Cards' novel touchless solution is advantageous for multiple use cases which includes payments, mobile devices, access and automotive.
By integrating face and iris recognition, Fingerprint Cards' Touchless 2.0 platform offers end-users with dual advantages of greater convenience and proven security. This novel software platform boasts of a FRR* which is three times better when compared to the previous generation. This FRR* operates from a comfortable distance of about 50 cm without the requirement for visual feedback that means no guide that eyes and face require to be placed into.
CTO at Fingerprint Cards, Pontus Jägemalm stated that as an organization at the top of biometric innovation, the company is constantly looking to improve and develop its products.
Jägemalm further added that protective authentication using iris recognition is a proven methodology and by combining that with face recognition, the company's improved touchless portfolio can now seamlessly balance trust with convenience, irrespective of the form factor it is deployed in.
The company's fingerprint sensor technology is now combined with a range of smartphones like Huawei Y9 Prime, Huawei P20 Lite, LG Aristo 3+, Honor 20 Lite, LG Stylo 5 and LG STYLE2. Back in September, Fingerprint Cards also confirmed that its sensor was being integrated with Samsung Galaxy A10s.
Christian Fredrikson, CEO of Fingerprint Cards, earlier this year stated that the company's share of income from products apart from smartphones is continuing to grow.
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