Facebook tests threads feature to let users publish connected posts

Social networking giant Facebook is reportedly testing a feature that will enable users to publish connected posts that can be all-text or attached with multi-media files.

This new feature is inspired by Twitter threads and is apparently under development. However, a stable and workable rollout of the feature might take some time.

This development was supposedly publicized by Matt Navara, a social media consultant, who shared a screenshot of the feature. The screenshot apparently noted that these threads will allow users to add another post to any previous ones to create a thread. It also stated that all posts under a thread will have the same audience as the first post.

Twitter introduced the threads feature due to its limited per post character count, which allowed users to deliver a long message through multiple tweets.

Facebook, however, does not have any character limit for each post. Still, the new feature will be helpful for readers to easily access posts that were published a month or a year ago.

Threads on Facebook will also allow live commentary, as many publications currently do on Twitter. Users will be able to publish updated posts by connecting them to the existing ones, thus creating a thread. This will be helpful as users would not have to edit their previous posts which might result in the omission of relevant information.

In the meantime, Facebook unveiled a new newsletter product, Bulletin, which is an independent platform for paid as well as free podcasts and articles, thereby posing as a competitor to Substack.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, supposedly announced the platform and introduced some of the newly-recruited writers in a Facebook live audio room.

Facebook is driving to compete in the fast-growing trend of email newsletters, and this push comes at a time when high-profile writers and journalists have left media companies to work independently over the past year.

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