F5 launches new application delivery service NGINX Controller 3.0

F5 Networks, Inc., a technology company that specializes in application delivery networking and application services, has recently launched its cloud-native application delivery solution, dubbed NGINX Controller 3.0. This platform would help businesses mitigate their risk, improve their customers' digital experiences and increase business agility.
Reportedly, the 3.x series comes as the first-ever self-service, multi-cloud platform that eliminates the friction between NetOps, DevOps, app developers and SecOps. The platform integrates a wide range of app services such as API management, load balancing, service mesh and analytics with an application-centric method.
As an end result, it decreases the tool sprawl that ruins business efforts to boost application deployments. It also offers substantial insights and performance along with a reduced cost of ownership.
Speaking on the move, Gus Robertson, GM and SVP of NGINX, F5, said that this is the company's first big product reveal since its venture with F5, showcasing the unique value proposition of the two firms. As for Controller 3.0, it offers the foundation for DevOps self-service and developer, at scale.
Robertson added that their firm has developed the user experience to be built around the assets that organization care most. Moreover, this comes as a big step-back from former infrastructure-centric solutions.
Prior to this news, F5 Networks had made headlines when it successfully finalized the purchase of Shape Security, an innovative platform that prevents online abuse and fraud. The acquisition further expand F5's rich portfolio of application services, allowing it to offer protection from botnets, targeted fraud, and automated attacks.
Sources cite that this purchase would offer superior value to users by integrating NGINX and F5's insight in fueling a large section of the globe's applications with Shape's expertise from preventing nearly 1 billion application attacks every day using the help of cloud-based analytics, anti-fraud technologies, and sophisticated AI.
Source Credit: https://www.f5.com/company/news/press-releases/f5-s-next-generation-nginx-controller-accelerates-delivery-of-mo